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  1. The Lebing's says:

    The Lebing’s

    September 12, 2011

    Pogie —

    I’m down here at he house in Waves and I don have to say you build a strong house! I haven’t found any damage to it from the storm an that’s saying alot when you see the amount of damage some of the places around here had.

    The cover on the hot tub was lifted up by the wind. That kind of amazed me since I know I checked the tie-downs before leaving and they were tight. I did find it in the trees next door and I think it’s going to be usable.
    The walkway out to the sound suffered a lot of uplift from the storm surge and I am beginning to replace the ramp at the near end. I want to talk with you, Danny or Cowboy sometime in the future (when you can get down here — the ferry is slow) and see if there is any kind of affordable resolution for straightening out some of the twists made by the storm.

    Gerry Lebing

  2. The Shelton's says:

    The Shelton’s

    September 19, 2011

    Pogie —
    In August when Rick and I were down for a week, a realtor knocked on the door and had a perspective buyer for the house you are building on Dean that is like ours. She asked if they could come in and look at the house. I happily agreed and gave them the tour noting the lovely features of the house and how very pleased we were and how great you and your team are to work with. I meant every word of it.

    For the first time since Irene, we returned to the island this week-end. After a 15 hour journey via the Swan Quarter Ferry, etc., we saw the devastation at night – a good thing as it broke my heart for the residents and business owners. Driving up from Hatteras Village after midnight, it looked to be getting worse as we approached the street. As we turned, we could see that the lights from the lamps burning and knew at least we had power. We walked into the house and went room to room and with each passing moment, a weight was lifted from our shoulders. Other than a tripped breaker for the carport lights and water from the ice maker thawing, we found our beloved home still intact. The next morning, walking around the house, we noticed a few roof shingles had blown off — a small scratch on our lovely home every where else we looked, we saw so many more less fortunate.

    I want to thank you for the care you take in building your homes. It was so easy to talk to the perspective buyers because I believed you built a quality home. Irene proved me tight and thank you sound inadequate in expressing my gratitude.

    We named our home this week-end -HDH- for “Hunker Down House” as it looked like it dug in and weathered the 30 hours of torture that Irene delivered!

    Have a great day – and thanks again!
    M.Y. Shelton

  3. The Beazley's says:

    Beasley’s Home

    June 26, 2012

    Carl —

    Thank you so very much for all of your help during the building of our home. It was a pleasure working with you and your associates. This was by far the most enjoyable experience building a home. Your organization and communications were outstanding. Once again thanks for a job well done.
    The Beazleys

  4. The Healy's says:

    The Healy’s

    October 31, 2012


    Hope all is going well with your projects and you did not get to beat up by the storm. It was sad to see that much destruction in Rodanthe when we arrived on Saturday morning. Diane and I were fortunate with the minimal damage we sustained. Thank you for building a great house. I appreciate you giving me the information on the repair companies this morning.


    Chris Healy

  5. The McCrory's says:

    The McCrory’s

    March 6, 2013

    In 2012, my wife and I had the good fortune to be referred to Carl “Pogie” Worsley when we decided to build on a lot we owned in Frisco NC. Pogie and his staff were extremely pleasant and easy to work with. We had a concept and an extremely tight budget. Pogie designed a house along with our input, and within our budget. The construction experience was not stressful and Pogie was very understanding and accommodating. The house came in on time and on budget. The biggest area we were impressed with was the logistics of scheduling and maintaining the steady stream of subs. The subs were scheduled and showed up with no down time between stages. If we ever build again on Hatteras Island, we hope Pogie and staff will be available.

    Tom & Bert McCrory
    Chesapeake, VA

  6. Ahearn Family says:

    Review- Carl Worsley and Associates Construction of a beach house for the Ahern Family

    November 10, 2013

    We chose Pogie Worsley as our builder based on online reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations and a personal interview. We have been in the house for almost two years and could not have been more pleased with the construction process and the end result. During the planning stage Pogie’s extensive experience helped us make the best choices for the climate and soil conditions on the Outer Banks. Where we had specific items we wanted included he met our requirements and for those items. Where we did not make specific requests, he always chose high quality components. Pogie had similar houses under construction and he arranged for us to walk those houses to give us a better view than just what the plans showed, and spark some additional design ideas. The contract detailed the cost allowance for each area of the construction processes, including all of the submittals to the town and his profit. The allowances were generous for standard construction grade. As materials such as cabinets, flooring and roofing were selected we were provided a builder’s cost by the subcontractor so we could easily track how we were doing against the allowances, thus the ending price was not a surprise. Construction started on-time and was continuous with no down periods, even though he was building eight houses at the time. Pogie assigns a project manager (in addition to himself) to manage construction of each house. We were living in Virginia during the construction (with frequent weekends at the Outer Banks) so Pogie emailed daily pictures of the construction progress. Specialized wiring for the theater system and the weather station were correctly installed and protected during the construction process. His trim and painting subcontractors did an excellent job! The house was finished when expected. Pogie provided a binder with all the information on the house, the names of the subcontractors and their phone numbers. He still remains a resource for us to locate materials or people to maintain the house. We highly recommend Carl Worsley and Associates as a builder on the Outer Banks.

    Dave and Mary Ahearn
    Yorktown, Virginia

  7. Butch and Linda Writtenberry says:

    Writtenberry Beach Home

    January 4, 2014

    After spending the summer of 2012 looking at many pre-owned houses on the Outer Banks, we decided to give up on the idea for the time being. About two weeks later our daughter, who lives on the Outer Banks, reminded us that Carl Worsley & Associates, Inc. was getting ready to build a new house in Nags Head and she thought it could be just what we were looking for. We had ridden by this area many times. We then decided to make a phone call to Pogie on a Saturday morning and discovered that he was out of town for the weekend. We called him anyway, and after a long phone discussion, we agreed to meet early Monday to discuss options and plans and to start a proposed contract for consideration. The rest is history, and by mid-September, work had begun with a February 2012 completion date. We consider ourselves as hard core people to deal with and prior construction of houses had not been a good experience for us, but with Pogie and his staff, we can easily say, without hesitation, that this was a wonderful experience. We were always supported 100% in every situation, and we always felt like we got the benefit of any doubt. We were very proud of the final construction and so was Pogie, so much that he posted a permanent sign with his company name indicating that this house was built with pride; we thought this was a great idea.

    On a personal note, Pogie and his entire staff became and still are friends, not just contractors. This is very rare in today’s market, but for us, friendship is something that continues forever.
    We have now enjoyed two summers in our house. Our thanks to Pogie and his staff, and should the need arise, we would do it all over again.

    May God Bless,
    Butch and Linda Writtenberry

  8. Mr. Langeman & Ms. Green says:

    January 6, 2014

    Carl Worsley (Pogie) built our house in 2012. We enjoyed working with the staff on his team to design and personalize our beach house. Pogie was able to build our house in a timely manner even during inclement weather. Pogie and his team of professionals helped us stay on budget. Pogie has continuously kept in touch even when we are not in town and is always there to lend a hand. We would definitely recommend Carl Worsley & Associates!

    Mr. Langemann & Ms. Green

  9. The Dillinger's says:

    The Dillinger’s

    January 6, 2014

    I wanted to share my experience of building a beach cottage in Waves N.C.

    My wife and I decided to buy a beach cottage and had looked and met with various builders and real estate agents for the perfect home. Well let me tell you after talking to Carl Worsley & Associates we knew we had found the right person to build a cottage for our family. Carl answered all our questions from start to finish. He also communicated with us constantly, both verbally and with pictures of each phase of our building process. Carl was open to any suggestion or change and explained every process in detail. The most impressive part of this process has been, that even now after the house has been completed, he is still there for my family answering questions and checking with us to see how things are going or if we need anything. Carl helped with the land, building, where to by furniture and helped us to get moved in. Carl Worsley & Associates is a great company and a asset to the Outer Banks!

    Michael@. Dellinger and Laura Dellinger

  10. The Salmon says:

    The Salmon’s

    January 6, 2014


    Just wanted to take a moment t and thank you once again for the great job you and your team did building our house in Waves. After two years, we are still in disbelief that we could have ever afforded such a wonderful house. All of the small requests that you were able to incorporate truly make it “our” home. It seems like only yesterday when you and I first sat and discussed the layout- extra deck, elevator, kitchen pantry. I am not sure where the time has gone but the journey was so much fun. As I have said often, you built Tracy’s dream, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

    As you know, there are now four families with houses you have built in the neighborhood. No two are exactly the same, but we all share one common item- you and your team are constantly checking back with us. I could not count the times that one of the neighbors has said that you stopped by to say hello and see how we were doing. Just another example of how much you believe in the product you build, and the friendships your build at the same time.

    Thank you again, for everything.

    Blake Salmon

  11. The Bairds says:

    The Baird’s

    January 9, 2015

    Carl “Pogie” as we quickly learned is the name everyone knows you by.

    Betty Jane, and I took a trip down to Hatteras in late spring of 2012 to go fishing. We had not been to the Outer Banks on a pleasure trip for about 40 years. We found many changes had occurred over the years with most of them very positive. With spare time on our hands, we decided to ride around and enjoy everything new. Soon we decided to look at homes and property with thoughts of having a family retreat to enjoy. After serious consideration and many weeks and several trips down to view homes we decided to purchase a home site and build just what we wanted.

    In talking to our realtor, other builders, and many other contacts we had made in the area, the name “Pogie” kept coming up. We contacted Carl Worsley and Associates and met “Pogie”. You met us, for the first time at the lot we were considering. We reviewed with you what we had in mind and if the lot would accommodate what we wanted. You welcomed us to Nags Head and made us feel comfortable. Everything was positive and we knew this was the direction we were going. You explained the process that we would be going through dealing with that town of Nags Head, Dare County and “CAMA” regulations. Your expertise, help and advice for us in dealing with “CAMA” regarding the issues on the canal front we’re extremely helpful.

    Our next step, after purchasing the lot, was house plans. With your assistance plans were quickly completed and we were on our way. Time to pick our builder. Of course we already knew who that would be, “Pogie”. We knew we needed to go with someone with many years of experience in coastal construction, applying a common sense approach to the process, and knowledgeable in local and state building codes and regulations. We also looked at several homes you had under construction and were pleased with what we saw. With assistance and guidance from you and “Sam” you were soon clearing our lot and piles were beginning and construction was progressing. You and “Sam” made our building experience quite enjoyable as most everything went together like a puzzle. We were regularly updated on the progress and you, Danny and “Sam” were available to answer our many questions. This was so helpful and we really appreciated your input. Even though we lived over four hours from Nags Head, we were very comfortable with “Pogie” at the “Helm”.

    We are very pleased with the finished product and know you took a personal interest in the building process producing a quality and beautiful home. We have compliments on our home regularly from neighbors and people riding around looking to buy or build.

    Thanks again for making our retirement family retreat a reality. We look forward to many years of relaxation and enjoyment in Nags Head and on the Outer Banks.

    See ya’ll soon,

    Carlton and Betty Jane

  12. Cliff and Margo Blakely says:

    January 15, 2014

    Pogie, Danny, Sam and Jeff,

    We wanted to thank you for wonderful experience we had with our recently constructed home.

    Every phase, from demolition to moving in, was handled with the utmost professionalism. You had the house that has been in our heads for years designed beyond our expectations. Danny was on site almost every day and never more than a phone call away. Every call to him or Pogie was answered in minutes. All subcontractors were professional and courteous. Even with a couple of minor glitches during the build, there was never a question, it was corrected and done right quickly. The house was completed on time and a little below budget.
    Sam answered every question we had and was a great help in staying ahead of things such as power and insurance needs to make our move in very smooth.
    Jeff kept up with the little things that make a build special.
    We love and are very proud of our new home!

    Cliff and Margo Blakely

  13. The Ferguson's says:

    The Ferguson’s

    January 17, 2014

    A few latitudes of gratitude for all you’ve done!

    We’ve gotten tons of compliments on our house from just outside pics. We expect man more when people attend our open house and are surprised to see it’s beautiful vaulted ceilings and pretty textures. We know you went above and beyond what our full length driveway for beauty on the outside. Thank you so much for your TLC with our very first house ever!

    The Ferguson’s

  14. Leroy and Nancy Senter says:

    Re: Letter of recommendation for Carl Worsley & Associates

    January 27, 2014

    Carl “Pogie” Worsley and Associates recently built our dream home in Avon, North Carolina; they are absolutely wonderful to do business with. From the expert custom design and the top of line build, to experienced project and contract managers this team is outstanding! They hired skilled subcontractors which is evident by the quality craftsmanship. We were in our new home in four months, start to finish. Danny, the Site Manager always kept us informed; he emailed us pictures at the end of each week so we could see the progress during the build. In two days we picked out all the appliances, cabinets, carpet, flooring, lighting and accessories. Sam made sure when we met with Pogie’s preferred list of vendors, everyone had all our information: house plans, allowance sheets and recommended options, this made the selection process so easy and enjoyable.
    I would highly recommend Pogie and his team; they made our home building experience exciting and fun from the first handshake to the final hug.

    With all our gratitude,
    Leroy and Nancy Senter

  15. The Falzon's says:

    The Falzon’s

    September 10, 2014

    Thank You!

    Pogie, Sam, Scott, & Danny,

    We cannot thank you enough for building our house. You guys exceeded all of our expectations and we just love everything about it. We have gotten so many compliments on it and everything from start to finish was just so smooth and done in a timely manner. Everybody said that building a house is so stressful, but I had so much fun doing it and you made it easy!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    We love it!

    Taz & Buddy Falzon

  16. The Hardbower's says:

    The Hardbower’s

    May 12, 2015

    Carl Worsley and Associates, Inc built the Hardbower’s dream house. We always wanted to retire and move to a house by the water. My husband’s dream was to walk out of the house to his boat and go fishing, in Virginia he had to drive to the marina; and I loved the beach. Our favorite vacation spot was Outerbanks, NC. We decided last year to move to our vacation spot. With the help of our friends who knows the right people to contact the ball started rolling.

    We bought the land and met with “Pogie” the building contractor last August 2014. We moved in our turnkey home in April 2015. The house was built in four months. The company staff was professional, friendly and well informed of building houses for their customers. This was a one stop shopping builder. They had established floorpans and permitted us to modify the plans. Provided us with the list of providers for appliances, flooring, cabinets, etc. The home owner makes all the selections for their future home products, talk about decisions so many choices, we looked and choose in the appropriated timeframe provided. We were contacted by Sam, the office manager, when it was time to take the next step.

    The communications between builder and homeowner was wonderful. Emails were provided every step of the way, from “ready set go” to “move in”. We received weekly progress thru emails and photographs. We could not wait to see the next set of photographs, how exciting.

    The house is beautiful. We have received many compliments from friends and family on the quality and workmanship of the house. One of our new neighbors said our contractor had his team working hard to finish the house on time. Such dedicated employees and sub-contractors are hard to find. Good job Pogie and staff.

    Overtime I say the house being built, I’d say “I love it”. We love living in the Outerbanks and our new home. I would highly recommend CW Assoc. to build your future home.

    The Hardbower’s

  17. The Tipton's says:

    The Tipton’s

    May 26, 2015

    You all do such an awesome job of communicating… I just thought I would let you know. I know there are numerous jobs on your plate, yet you seem to make me feel like I’m your only customer… I hope to make my customers feel this way!

    Please pass along to Danny as well.

    Thank you,

    John Tipton

  18. The Dentons says:

    The Dentons

    August 11, 2015

    Carl Worsley “Pogie” recently built our home located in Salvo, NC and we could not recommend him more highly to prospective clients. We are so pleased with how the house turned out as well as the process of building the home. Pogie was extremely professional, personable and attentive to every detail of the construction process. Building a house while living remotely seemed an intimidating process, but as soon as we hired Pogie we knew we were in good hands. Pogie and his team sent us weekly, if not, daily pictures of the construction process and we always felt confident the job was running smoothly and we were abreast of any changes. He actually completed our home sooner than our anticipated timeline and we were hard pressed to find anything on the final punch list upon our arrival, it was truly move in ready. Our home turned out better than we could have ever dreamed and we owe much of this to Pogie and his staff. The Outer Banks is a small island and everywhere you go Pogie’s reputation precedes him. You could not choose anyone better to work with than Carl Worsley and Associates.

    Margaux Plaisted

  19. The Collins says:

    The Collins

    August 14, 2015

    Bogie, Danny and Sam

    Thank you for making our dream a reality!! Ronnie and I never ever truly thought we would or could ever realize our dream of owning a home on the majestic and peaceful Hatteras Island, NC. You and your team made it happen!! We love our beach cottage!! It is our nirvana and we owe it all to you and your awesome staff!! We closed on the home back in December of 2011 and here we are, 4 years later, still pinching ourselves every time we drive to Hatteras Island and pull up to “our” beach house. There is nothing about the home that we would change. Nothing we would have done differently. You listened to our ideas and needs and supported them. You agreed to bump out the first floor, move the pantry, add a 1/2 bath on the landing, close off the hall entrance to the master bathroom, put French doors on the master suite, put on a red roof and the list goes on! You delivered us pictures every week so we could see and feel a part of the building process/progress even though we we’re hours away. We sincerely thank you for that. You even named our modified version of your original floor plan after us- The Collins Model- the absolute ultimate compliment. We are blessed in that we do not have to rent our home and enjoy spending at least 75% of weekends and an additional 3 to 4 full weeks each year at our beach house.

    A ginormous “Thank You” to your and your team from the very bottom of our hearts for your craftsmanship, your dedication, your patience, your professionalism and your friendship.

    With much appreciation and admiration,
    Kim and Ron Collins

  20. The Scott's says:

    The Scott’s

    August 14, 2015

    We never imagined that building a house long distance would be so easy and completed with such quality! My husband and I were totally impressed with the entire team of Carl Worsley and Associates (CWA). Their vision, communication, quality and follow through were beyond our expectations.

    From the start, Carl “Pogie” Worsley was quite impressive. He spent time with us to determine possible lots and house placement that would provide the best views, all keeping within our price range. In the design phase, he provided different options to include the elevator we desired within the square footage of the original plan. He even went a step further in design to make sure that elevator was protected from the beach weather, and did so without a high price tag.

    Pogie and his team provided almost daily communication from preparing the ground through possession. Pogie always made himself available via email, text phone calls and photos. The photos were almost daily and it was so comforting to know how our home was progressing. If we ever questioned something specific about he construction or requested a change, Pogie would always follow up with a picture and explanation. He would even send a picture to show how an area we asked about was changed or completed. Respecting our work schedules, Pogie would request a time to meet with us on site to review varying stages of construction.

    My husband is a construction inspector for a living, assuring building structures are built to blueprint and code. He was quite impressed with the quality of construction. Whenever he had questions regarding materials or design, Pogie provided a very satisfactory explanation and my husband found that Pogie’s team never cut corners and often used materials and designs hat were above basic requirements. Upon completion, CWA provided and extremely helpful notebook of owner’s warranties and a listing of who to call for different items. That might sound trivial but it really comes in handy.

    Some say building a home is a major headache but we can honestly say that we really enjoyed the opportunity. Carl Worsley and Associates would definitely be the ones we would call upon on for any future project. We were so pleased to have a builder who has such a great vision, communication, quality and follow though throughout a project. We have recommended CWA, who confidence, to our friends and associates.

    Ray and Dr. Linda Scott

  21. The Morris's says:

    The Morris’s

    August 18, 2015

    In January, 2015 Carl Worsley & Associates, Inc. (CWA) finished our house at 2910 Memorial Avenue in Nags Head. I’ve been a builder in Northern Virginia for 45 years and was thinking about building the house myself until I met “Pogie”. That turned out to be a good decision. To begin with we could not find a house plan that we liked or fit the lot but CWA had a plan that looking back was perfect. The house came in on time, on budget (which is a rarity in the business). All the employees at CWA (Pogie, Sam, Danny and Scott) did an outstanding job. All the traded and suppliers also did a great job. After living in the house since January in cold, hot and rainy weather everything works perfectly. We love our house and would not change anything (also a rarity). Anybody thinking about a new house in the Outer Banks where CWA works could not find a better builder. In addition to that we’ve gotten countless compliments from people we know to people walking or riding bikes by the house. Beautiful house and great job from a craftsman builder.

    Nick and Connie Morris

  22. The Person's says:

    The Person’s

    September 8, 2015

    Carl “Pogie” Worsley is a unique builder because he truly cares about making his customers happy by providing them with a home that reflect what they want. We’ve never experienced working with a builder who took such great pride in his work and who went out of his way to make the process of building a home such a personalized experience. Quality craftsmanship, customer service, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence are not just statements but really do reflect who he is as a builder and as a person. The entire experience working with him and others in his company has been exemplary. From the very first time we sat down to discuss our thoughts until we finished tweaking the plans, we knew we had found the right person. He made us feel very special every step along the way. Frequently making adjustments and accommodations when it made sense. Pogie regularly sent us pictures at different stages so we could watch our house take shape.

    Pogie’s crew and his sub-contractors have been with him for years. Such loyalty alone speaks volumes about quality and professionalism. We’ve never really done a formal walk-through because Pogie has been by multiple times, finding things himself that needed tweaking or adjusting. Our problems have been unbelievably minimal. Where there have been things needing attention, we’ve simply called him and they’ve been taken care of quickly.

    We could’t be happier with our house at the beach. Truthfully, it exceeded our expectations. The end result was we felt as if we received a custom built home at at very fair price from someone we consider more than a builder. Carl “Pogie” Worsley is someone we consider a true friend.

    Jim and Nancy Person

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